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he year of pandemic, 2020 has been simply a nightmare, where plenty of people are getting infecting because of the dreadful coronavirus. Several people have lost their loved ones to this pandemic. “Stay home, Stay Safe” has become the mantra this period and it has become mandatory to make our health care by adopting several COVID-19 care products.

There has a sudden boom from the last year onwards in the businesses dealing with these essentials, while few started up with new business in this sector. Looking at high demand, several people started up business in this industry for COVID protection care and hence this leads to stiff competition.

Hand Sanitizer Label Design

Looking at the present scenario of COVID-19, personal care, hygiene, and cleanliness are an absolute necessity for everyone. Hand sanitizers are a must-have for all people, and several are scrambling to buy a bottle of it.

Sanitizers usually, come in 2 types, alcohol-based and alcohol-free. The sanitizer packaging design makes it able to promote brand promise, trust, user-friendliness, innovative for commercial and retail purposes. The majority of the bottles are transparent; hence the packaging color needs to be subtle and soft, which can go along with the background.

Content needs to have, instructions on how to use, ingredients, temperature to be maintained, BPA/Alcohol information, brand details, percentage of chemicals used, germ-killing capacity and the tagline must be mention.

The custom cartoon travel bottles will assist you to downsize your shampoo, liquid soap, sanitizers, and alcohol.