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Sweet Box

India is country of rich cultural diversity. There are maximum festivals celebrated in India than in any country. Apart from festivals, there are other innumerable other occasions in India which call for celebrations and get together. Sweets are very essential part of any celebration, whether it is birth of a child, purchase or a new car or a house, an engagement or a wedding or a milestone anniversary, or any festival like Diwali, Holi, etc., distribution of sweets among friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances has been a tradition in India.

Preserving this tradition, we have tried to step up a level by providing high quality sweet boxes of varied sizes and shapes. Made from superior grade material, our assortment of sweet boxes not only adds to the festive mood but also attempts to keep the sweets safe from contamination and fresh for a long time. Easy to handle and carry, they are completely hygienicmade from odourless ink and high-qualityPE coating.

Our special team include harmonious collaboration of designers and artisans to make attractive and elegant designs for all occasions. Also, we make sweet boxes of different shapes and sizes which can be customised for all types of sweets of varied sizes and quantity. Eco-friendly and bio degradable, we comply with all the environment friendly norms.

Our variety of boxes can be used for all traditional sweets like:

  1. Bakery products such as cookies
  2. Gajaks
  3. Soan Papadi
  4. Laddus and Katlis
  5. Chiikis and Pethas
  6. Ghewars

We also design and manufacture sweet boxes customised according to your requirements. Our high-quality printing also helps to give you customised display on the boxes.Our team is extremely professional and innovative helping to provide their client new and elegant designs to stand out in the crowd. Compact and sturdy, our sweet boxes have been designed after intensive research to keep the contents fresh for long.

Choose from our wide range of sweet boxes and order online. We provide online booking and order facility along with easy online payment for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact us by simply putting you queries in our query box. Our professionals will be glad to give you a perfect personalised solution.