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Online Store are a kind of small retail shop known for their exceptional sense of style, quality product choices, and excellent personal service. For those aspects, every cloth attracts its own niche clientele who comes for the specific products it provides and stays for the unique atmosphere.

That atmosphere makes garments more than simply a place to purchase items–they offer a shopping experience their visitors might be hard-pressed to find in larger retailers. Customers visit them frequently knowing they will find unique items that stand out, besides also enjoying great conversation and interaction.

Another aspect of a garment’s uniqueness is its focus on custom packaging. There are certainly several packaging alternatives that can impress customers and keep them talking and spending.

Custom Tissue Paper

Shoppers visit boutiques for several reasons, chief among them is that they get service they usually, don’t find anywhere else. Part of that service is the great packaging used at the checkout counter. It’s mostly so good that customers go out of their way to share it with friends and relatives.

Custom branded tissue paper is simply one of the several products that amplify the experience. Watching their friendly attendants fold and crease printed tissue paper is an elegant show, one that is rarely seen anymore. Buyers can’t help but feel that they are really cared for and appreciated and that their purchases are worth a few layers of beautiful protection.

Apparel Boxes

Custom tissue paper and custom labels are wonderful and useful, but how do you keep sweaters from turning into messes inside shopping bags? You keep them inside apparel boxes.

Made of the thin, flexible board, they are perfect for not just protecting clothing items, but making an easy and attractive unboxing experience. Wrap that sweater in Garments packaging options such as custom tissue paper, and you could be the talk of the town.

Crinkle Paper

Nestling your items in a classy wicker basket are always good than simply letting them keep on a shelf. But, it still requires that little bit extra to truly attract a customer’s attention.

Lending texture to a gift basket or any other container, crinkle paper engulfs the item in a sea of beauty. And when it comes to the boutique itself, crinkle paper is good for adding character to product areas, point-of-purchase (POP) displays and checkout counters.

Crinkle paper enhances both product appeal and protection. It fills the vacant areas of a shopping bag and hides the products within, making something that is impossible not to dive your hands into. Available in colors and formats such as forest green, navy blue, and even metallics not normally found in packaging supplies, it really is one of the most versatile choices for boutique packaging.

Wardrobe Box

These big boxes are great for storing non-foldable items such as suits, dresses, and hand-made goods. Their height and optional hanger bars give them plenty of room for keeping clothing wrinkle-free and display-ready. When seasonal collections require to be rotated on and off the floor, wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution for keeping them protected in storage, or shipping them offsite as required.