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Jewelry boxes tell us such a huge amount about an individual - from the all-around worn, yet useless knickknacks valued over more costly, scarcely worn trinkets, to the charms and charms, picked to commend birthday events, weddings, births, and passing - here and there joined by affection letters,locks of hair, strips from flower bundles or even child teeth.

It appears to be fitting that when we love the little joys throughout everyday life and the value of our friends and family, gems architects should now zero in not just on the substance of our jewelry boxes, yet the actual crates - which can be similarly pretty much as excellent and individualistic as their loved substance.

Architects painstakingly consider the job that jewelry confines play in our lives at the two finishes of the value range. "jewelry boxes shouldn't simply serve a viable capacity; they are as much an impression of your character as your assortment of gems is.

It is not difficult to envision that when these valuable boxes are at last passed down, they will be too cherished as the fortunes they hide.

Line N Curves’s jewelry boxes are intended to match the scope of characters, from strong appliqué plans to fragile pastel tones, and we've put as much suspicion into every one of them as we have with our gems.

Little and bright to the point of being movable, yet with a thought about texture decisions and perky sayings engraved on top

they are a stylish and dainty answer for the people who don't have to bury the whole Crown Jewels.